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Terms and conditions of hire
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Please read these terms and conditions carefully. If you do not understand any part of them, or would like further explanation, please talk to a member of staff.
If you need help complying with these terms and conditions, or with any other aspect of running your event, please ask – we are here to help.

Making a booking
1. All bookings are to be made using a Kirkgate Centre Room Booking Enquiry Form, available online or from the Kirkgate Centre.

2. The hirers shall use the premises only for the times, and for the persons or organisations stated in the booking application. All setting up and clearing away time must be included in the booking times. Any extended use of time or additional space used may be subject to additional fees being charged.

3. The Kirkgate Centre reserves the right to refuse any application for use of the Centre

4. The Kirkgate Centre may apply special conditions or requirements to any booking if considered necessary

5. Regular Bookings: a regular booking is any booking which recurs over a period of time, as specified in your Room Booking Enquiry Form. Regular bookings can be booked for no more than one year in advance, up to the end of the current calendar year. All regular bookings are reviewed at the end of each calendar year and the Kirkgate Centre cannot guarantee the continuation of any regular booking into the following year.

Alterations to bookings
6. The Kirkgate Centre reserves the right to alter the allocation of rooms to Hirers. This is occasionally done to ensure the best possible allocation of space and to minimise disruption caused to/by other users of the Centre.

7. Cancellations by the Kirkgate Centre: if the Kirkgate Centre has reason to believe that the use of the Centre is likely to lead to any disorder or disharmony in local community, or it considers that the hiring is likely to be of an objectionable or undesirable nature and not in accordance with the aims and ethos of the Centre, we may refuse to accept or may cancel your booking, and any fees or deposits paid will be returned.
The Kirkgate Centre reserves the right to cancel a booking if the Centre is required for other purposes as determined by the Trustees. In such circumstances, the Kirkgate Centre will provide the maximum notice possible and any fees or deposits paid will be returned.

8. Cancellations by the Hirer
Late cancellations will incur a cancellation charge as follows:
• more than five working days notice of cancellation: no charge
• less five working days notice of cancellation: 50% of agreed hire charge
• less than 48 hours notice of cancellation: 100% of agreed hire charge
The notice period and cancellation fees apply to all bookings, including regular bookings.

Charges and payments
9. Charges for the hire of the Centre must be paid in full within the timescale specified by the Kirkgate Centre when your booking is agreed. Failure to pay applicable charges may result your booking being cancelled and/or a refusal of future bookings.
Please note that the Kirkgate Centre is not currently registered for VAT purposes.

10. Payment arrangements for regular bookings will be agreed with the Kirkgate Centre and will normally be on a weekly or monthly basis. The Kirkgate Centre will review payment arrangements from time to time or at the request of the Hirer.

11. A deposit may be required in addition to a booking fee. Examples of when the deposit will be retained include:
• the Centre was not vacated by the end of the time booked
• the hired space was not left in a clean and usable state. This includes the kitchen and communal areas such as the foyers, toilets and outdoor areas
• damage has been caused to the Centre or contents
• additional areas of the Centre were used without consent

12. The Hirer shall not sublet any part of the Centre to any other person without the prior consent of the Kirkgate Centre

Indemnity and insurance
13. The hirers shall indemnify and keep indemnified the Kirkgate Centre from and against all loss, damage, actions, claims, costs and expenses which the Kirkgate Centre may suffer, or which may be made against the Kirkgate Centre by reason or in consequence of any act or omission of any kind committed in upon the premises by the hirers or by any persons acting with their express or implied permission or authority.
14. The hirers are advised to take out adequate insurance cover for all aspects of their activity and to undertake a risk assessment prior to their event.

Health and safety: general
15. The Hirer shall inform Kirkgate Centre staff of any serious injury or dangerous occurrence that affects public safety, as soon as is reasonably practical.

16. The Kirkgate Centre reserves the right of entry for its trustees, employees and any authorised volunteers or contractors to all parts of the Centre at all times.

17. The Kirkgate Centre has the right to state the maximum number of people to be allowed entry into the Centre or any event at any one time, and at no time will this exceed 120 people in total.

18. Due to the brittle nature of iron, the attachment of lights, speakers, ropes, etc to any part of the roof structure, wall ties or cross beams is expressly forbidden.

19. No furniture or equipment may be introduced into the Kirkgate Centre without prior approval.

20. Use of inflatables e.g. bouncy castles, must be supplied by a professional company and must meet health and safety requirements for inflatables. Evidence of separate insurance by the Hirer must be shown.

21. Any electrical equipment brought into the Kirkgate Centre must either be under 12 months old or have a current PAT certificate. The Kirkgate Centre organises an annual test for electrical safety (PAT test) and any electrical equipment used at regular bookings must be tested. A small charge is usually applicable.

22. No lighting, heating, power or other electrical fittings or appliances in the Centre are to be altered, moved or in any way interfered with.

23. The hirers shall be responsible whilst using the premises for the preservation of order and shall take all practicable steps to ensure that nothing shall occur at the premises which might offend against any statute or by-law or any regulations respecting the hiring of the premises.

24. Smoking is not permitted in any part of the premises and the hirers shall ensure that this policy is strictly adhered to at all times.

25. The hirer shall be responsible for informing all persons present at their booking of the location of fire escape routes and fire fighting equipment and when it is anticipated that more than sixty people might be present, or when specified by the Kirkgate Centre, for the appointment of stewards to take charge of an evacuation in the event of an emergency.

26. The hirers shall ensure that emergency exit routes are unlocked and not in any way obstructed at any time. When seating is used the hirers shall also be responsible for ensuring adequate gangways are maintained in order to facilitate a speedy evacuation in the event of an emergency.

Health and Safety: catering
27. All catering must only be provided for those attending your own event. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that any caterer used abides by the Terms and Conditions of this agreement.

28. Any person(s) using the Centre's kitchen for the preparation or provision food to the public must provide the Kirkgate Centre with a valid Food Hygiene Certificates for all people working in the kitchen, and satisfy the Centre that adequate food hygiene standards will be maintained.

29. If the kitchen has been used by the Hirer, it must be left clean and tidy and cleared of all waste and food, crockery, cutlery and containers and all equipment must be cleaned and returned to its cupboards and drawers

Health and Safety: children and vulnerable adults
30. For any activity at which children or vulnerable adults are present, the hirer must provide a sufficient number of stewards to control and entry and exit to their event.

31. Where the Hirer is supervising children, the Hirer must comply with the provisions of the Children Act 1989, including registration with OFSTED where applicable. Note that activities or services where parents/carers remain in attendance at all times are not required to seek registration.

Room usage and tidying up
32. If you wish to move any equipment and/or furniture between rooms, please check first with the Centre staff.

33. All spaces occupied by the hirer, including common areas, toilets, kitchen facilities etc, must be left in a tidy and clean state, any rubbish being removed from the premises at the end of the meeting/event. If this is not done the Centre may make additional charges to cover the cost of cleaning.

34. All furniture, equipment and other possessions belonging to the hirers shall be removed from the premises by the hirers immediately after each booking unless storage arrangements have been agreed with the Centre beforehand.

35. The Hirer must ensure that at the end of the period of hire, the furniture is returned to its original position, heating is turned off and the doors and windows of the centre are secure.

36. No nails, tacks, drawing pins or staples shall be driven into any part of the walls or floors of the building. No adhesive tape or pads can be used to affix materials of any sort to any part of the building at the Centre.

37. Except in the case of trained guide dogs for the deaf and/or blind, dogs or any other animals are not be permitted in the Centre.

38. Hirers are responsible for ensuring that the noise level of activities does not cause interference with other activities in and around the Centre or disturb occupiers of nearby premises. The Kirkgate Centre accepts no responsibility or liability for the cancellation or closure of an event due to unacceptable noise levels or noise nuisance.

39. In the case of evening events, hirers are requested to encourage participants/audience/performers to leave as promptly and quietly as possible at the end of the booking and to ensure that the removal of any equipment is done in the same manner.

40. No alcohol may be brought onto the premises without the prior permission of the Centre. Under no circumstances will any Hirer be permitted to sell alcohol for consumption on the premises. This includes providing alcohol as part of entry fees, ticket prices or in return for donations.

41. Hirers are requested to support Kirkgate Centre staff, including bar staff and volunteers, in maintaining order, refusing entry or bar sales and escorting people from the Centre when required.

42. The Kirkgate Centre does not tolerate drug use on any part of its premises, indoors or outdoors. Hirers have a responsibility to ensure any identified drug use is stopped and/or reported immediately. Failure to do so can result in both the termination of the event and refusal of future room bookings.

43. If any drug paraphernalia such needles ("sharps") is found in or around the centre, Centre staff should be informed immediately. Please do not attempt to remove such items yourself as you risk serious harm.

Loss, damage or theft
44. The Kirkgate Centre cannot in any circumstances accept responsibility or liability for any damage or loss of property placed or left in the Centre by the Hirer or any other person.

45. Please inform us on the day of hire if any damage has been done to either the premises or property during your usage. If, in the opinion of the Kirkgate Centre, the damage goes beyond that of normal wear and tear, the hirer will be asked to make good or cover the cost of repair.

46. No fixtures or decorations requiring nails, screws, pins, staples, adhesive tape or similar are allowed with prior approval.

Public events
47. The hirer shall comply with Performing Right Society (PRS) regulations if relevant.

48. The Hirer must not admit anyone into an event after 11pm, and must not admit anyone deemed to be drunk or under the influence of drugs.

49. All public entertainments must stop by 11.30pm. This includes the performance of live and recorded music.
50. We recommend that publicity is not circulated or displayed until your booking has been confirmed by the Kirkgate Centre. Please ensure that your publicity makes clear who is organising the event and include the organiser's contact details.

51. We are happy to display posters/notices for activity taking place in the Kirkgate Centre. However, please check with Centre staff prior to doing so.
52. External decorations, flags, emblems and notices are allowed only with the permission of the Kirkgate Centre. The Centre reserves the right to remove any posters, boards, signs, flags or other emblems or advertisements from any part of the premises.
Non-observance of these conditions
53. In the case of non-observance or non-performance by the hirers of any conditions, or in the case that Kirkgate Centre shall be of the opinion that there is any interference with other Centre users or staff, or that the wear and tear of the premises, furniture, or fittings is excessive, Centre staff may terminate the hiring at any time without notice.