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A community centre and development trust providing space, support and resources to our local community in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

Office hours
The centre is open for community use every day and evening, including weekends.
The office is staffed between 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate

West Yorkshire
BD18 3EH
Tel: 01274 580186
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Kirkgate Centre Cafe
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday • 9am – 3pm
Kirkgate Centre Cafe
Every Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday • 9am – 3pm

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Doodle Club

Saturday 5th August, 10.30–12.30pm. £2 per child

Creative and fun art sessions with a fun theme for all ages. No matter what your drawing skills, you’ll learn something new. Plentiful materials, tuition and inspiration.

Our cafe is open

Lego Fun Day

Lego Fun Day

Saturday 19th August
£2.00 per family

Once a month, the main hall of the Kirkgate Centre is filled with Lego, Kinex, Meccanno for children (and parents) creating all kinds of amazing things.

Our cafe is open
James, 07747 042959

Dabble Do & Tinker

Dabble, Do & Tinker

Fourth Saturday of the month, 10.30–12.30pm. £2 per child

Science + Art = FUN. Nature, science, art and craft skills for all the family.

Our cafe is open
Nicola 07914 495626, Paula 07914 389726

Front Room Disco

Front Room Disco

Saturday 16th September

Front Room Disco brings you an eclectic alternative mix of music. Covering indie, alternative, ska, reggae, punk, disco and 80's pop. With Wil Oddsox (Love to Boogie).
Please visit the Front Room Disco Facebook page (link below) for details of tickets.
A bar serves local ales, quality wines and soft drinks.

Our bar is open.

Multi Story Water

Exhibition: Multi Story Water – Celebrating Shipley's Waterways

Saturday 22nd July until 9th September

Multi-Story Water was a three year project along Shipley's river and canal basin, working with local communities to explore the impact of being waterside residents on their lives, through neighbourhood development, history and the arts.
The project extended from the Dockfields in Shipley to Crosely Wood in Bingley, and involved a wide range of activities and interventions, from film making and theatre to working with Government agencies on new ways of working. The exhibition will remain at the centre until 9 September.

Repair Cafe

Shipley Repair Café

Saturday 9th Sept 2017
10.30am – 12.30pm

Shipley Repair Café is where people can come with their broken things and get help from local volunteers to fix them.

We have a big team of volunteers who may be able to help you fix all sorts of household items including furniture, textiles, electrical items, audio equipment, computers, etc.

Please let the repair café know in advance what you intend to bring along. You can send details via twitter, email or Facebook - click on the links below. Everyone is welcome

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Kirkgate Centre, 01274 580186

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Container / NCHX/CHXFX / Colossolth

Saturday 23rd September 7–10.30pm, £16

Golden Cabinet are celebrating their fourth birthday in style, with noise generator Container coming over from the USA, joined by NCHX/CHXFX and Colossloth (who's cinematic soundscapes are so dark, they are rumoured to be Darth Vadar's fave band).
Golden Cabinet is a Shipley-based collective organising experimental & electronica gigs. Firmly rooted in a long tradition of DIY culture, it’s widely acclaimed events are an eclectic and mix of music and imagery.

Golden Cabinet ticket sales

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Shipley Alternative

October Shipley Alternative Market: food theme

Saturday, 7 October 2017
11.00am to 3.00pm
Free entry

The Shipley Alternative is a popular, occasional marketplace for creative makers, up-cyclers and other imaginative traders from the Shipley area.
For October, the theme is 'food', so expect stalls ranging from cakes to crockery.
Click here for more details

Our cafe is open
Kirkgate Centre, 01274 580186