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A community centre and development trust providing space, support and resources to our local community in Shipley, West Yorkshire.

Office hours
The centre is open for community use every day and evening, including weekends.
The office is staffed between 9.30am to 4.30pm Monday to Saturday.

Kirkgate Centre
39a Kirkgate

West Yorkshire
BD18 3EH
Tel: 01274 580186
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Kirkgate Community Cafe
Open 9 – 3pm every
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

New and upcoming

I Daniel Blake

I, Daniel Blake

Friday 20th January 2017
£5 suggested donation

Shipley, Windhill and Wrose Labour Party Branch a special screening of Ken Loach’s award-winning film plus a short animation by local film group The Dole Animators – a group of benefit claimants who wanted to tell the reality of the impact of the government’s recent welfare reform.
Ruth Patrick a fellow branch member and academic, who has worked with the Dole Animators, will be giving a short talk on the reality of being on benefits.
All Labour Party members and friends welcome.
All profits to a local community group.
If you’ve stocked up on extras over Christmas or it’s just time to give the cupboard a clear out, we’ll have a collection box for any long-life food and toiletries.

Our bar is open

Lego Fun Day

Lego Fun Day

Saturday 21st January
£2.00 per family

Once a month, the main hall of the Kirkgate Centre is filled with Lego, Kinex, Meccanno for children (and parents) creating all kinds of amazing things.

Our cafe is open
James, 07747 042959

Front Room Disco

Front Room Disco

Saturday 21st January

Front Room Disco brings you an eclectic alternative mix of music. Covering indie, alternative, ska, reggae, punk, disco and 80's pop. With Wil Oddsox (Love to Boogie).
Please visit the Front Room Disco Facebook page (link below) for details of tickets.
A bar serves local ales, quality wines and soft drinks.

Our bar is open.


Dabble, Do & Tinker

Fourth Saturday of the month, 10.30–12.30pm. £2 per child

Science + Art = FUN. Nature, science, art and craft skills for all the family.

Our cafe is open
Nicola 07914 495626, Paula 07914 389726

The Record Club

The Record Club

Saturday 28th January

Bring tunes that deserve to be heard by others, or just come along to enjoy the music and fine company.
Each month there is a theme which people try to comply with (often dubiously or ironically!) with their choice of records to bring along. There’s always time to play other music as well. A great night.

Our bar is open

Full Bins Empty Bellies

Full Bins, Empty Bellies, Lonely Lives

Saturday 4th February 2017

Bradford District Green Party present a documentary that looks at three seemingly self-contradictory issues in the UK today: millions living in food insecurity while millions of tonnes of food are wasted every year, and at the same time so many people experience another type of poverty; loneliness. What are the causes of this paradox? How can we join the dots to solve all three problems?

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett will be on hand to talk about the work she has seen up and down the country that tackles the issues tackled in this film.

Light refreshments available

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The Act of Killing (15)

Friday 10th February 2017
£4.00 adults, £3 unwaged

"All murderers are punished, unless they kill in large numbers, and to the sound of trumpets.”
The film’s opening quote from Voltaire sets the stage for a difficult, surreal and chilling journey into the heart of human darkness.
This unique documentary challenges former Indonesian death-squad leaders with a fascination for movies to reenact their mass-killings in whichever cinematic genres they wish, including classic crime scenes and lavish musical numbers.
"It was as if we were killing… happily," says Anwar Congo as the filming progresses. It is undeniably a difficult film to watch, but one which we owe to ourselves and those who have lived through or who are still facing such horror.

You are asked to bring a donation (non-perishable basic food such as tins or dried food) for the Bradford Metropolitan Food Bank when you come and see a film.

Repair Cafe

Shipley Repair Café

Saturday 11th February 2017
10.30am – 12.30pm

Shipley Repair Café is where people can come with their broken things and get help from local volunteers to fix them.

We have a big team of volunteers who may be able to help you fix all sorts of household items including furniture, textiles, electrical items, audio equipment, computers, etc.

Please let the repair café know in advance what you intend to bring along. You can send details via twitter, email or Facebook - click on the links below. Everyone is welcome

The Repair Café is all about fixing, repurposing and upcycling. If you have skills in repairing textiles, woodwork, electronics, computers or any other common items, and would like to support local people to fix their stuff or are just interested in being involved, please get in touch and come along if you can!

Our cafe is open
Kirkgate Centre, 01274 580186

Where to Invade Next

Where to Invade Next

Friday 17th February 2017
£3 suggested donation

Global Justice Bradford present Micheal Moore's latest film, Where to Invade Next.
Following a succession of disastrous military campaigns, Michael Moore suggests a different approach, playfully visiting various nations in Europe and Africa as a one-man "invader" to take their best ideas back to America.
Whether it is Italy with its generous holidays, France with its gourmet school lunches, Germany with its progressive industrial policy, Norway and unique prison system, Tunisia and its strongly progressive women's policy, or Iceland and its strong female presence across public life, Michael Moore discovers there is much that American could take from others without firing a shot.

Light refreshments available

Shipley Alternative

Shipley Alternative: Kids Take Over!

Saturday, 4 March 2017
10.00am to 2.00pm
Free entry

The Shipley Alternative is a popular, occasional marketplace for creative makers, up-cyclers and other imaginative traders from the Shipley area.
For February, kids take over, with all stalls run by school age children.
Click here for more details

Our cafe is open
Kirkgate Centre, 01274 580186

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Doodle Club

Saturday 1st April
£2.00 per child

A fun themed drawing session with lots of paper and felt tipped pens everywhere.
Adults draw for free!

Our cafe is open
Kirkgate Centre, 01274 580186